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The Language of Fashion: A Person Can Tell A Lot About You By Observing What You Wear👗

What's the reason behind your clothes? There are different reasons why you may dress the way that you do. The (3) reasons I've chosen to discuss are factual- you may dress in order to communicate either true or false impressions of yourself to others, to reveal or hide characteristics about yourself or to show affiliation/symbolic differentiation.

Who are you trying to impress? The way you choose to dress can either convey a true or false impression of who you truly are. That's why it's important for you to know who you are & how you want others to see & address you. Your esteem plays a huge part in this as well. For instance, you may know someone who has worn a nice outfit to mask how they really feel inside, That individual may look good on the outside but, may be hurting on the inside. Or they may simply love to wear nice pieces & have an amazing personality to go with each one. Either way, you must learn to allow both looking good & feeling good to work together to boost your confidence levels & this will help you to show up every single day at your absolute best & their won't be a need to impress.

What makes you different from others? Are you afraid to show the world what you're made of? Whether it's a big bold personality or a soft & sweet one, you should always dress in a way that reveals your most beautiful & favorable attributes & not attempt to hide them. I know that you've heard that: " A first impression is a lasting one," right? The first thing that a person notices about you, before you speak, is the outfit that you're wearing. Your style is an expression of who you are & it speaks volumes to the person that sees you. Believe it or not, it is what makes you uniquely different. Why? because it shows all of what you're truly made of.

Do you dress to show affiliation or symbolic differentiation? You can show your affiliation with a certain occupation or group by what you wear. Some people dress alike in order to show that they belong to a certain group or to demonstrate their allegiance & conformity; while others dress to show their dignified status. The way you dress for your occupation can be an expression of power that puts you on display or your modest attire can make known your strong religious beliefs. Either way, you are broadcasting each one by the way that you choose to dress.

Whether you use fashionable clothes to show your personality, to clothe your self-esteem, to show your affiliation or make known your dignified status, people can tell a lot about you by observing what you choose to wear. How you choose to wear it broadcasts who you are or how you want others to view you. Ask yourself: "What am I conveying to others & how do I want to be remembered?" When you have answered these questions then you will begin to put more thought, time & effort into showing up every single day as the beautiful woman that you were born to be.

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