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The Original Kid Style 👟

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

What challenges do you face when getting your kids dressed for the day? Have you ever argued with your 6 years old boy or girl about what they should wear to school? Or can any of you mothers relate to having a disputed conversation with your teen about style and brand choices when going school shopping? Let us face it, children and teens have a way of expressing themselves by way of style. In some cases for teens, their purpose is for looking cool and fitting in with their peers. As parents we must seek to understand them fully and learn to allow them to embrace their individuality, How do you give them freedom to do so within reason?

When it comes to styling children and teens you should provide them with choices. For example, instead of choosing for your teen, ask them what would they rather wear (this style or that?) This helps you to learn more of what their personal preferences are, allows them room for taste and for you both to have a reasonable compromise. For your little ones the approach would be different. Take the time to practice with them and have fun with it. Let your child dress him or herself as often as possible. It teaches them to be independent, make decisions. The more you give them the ok to dress themselves the less of a hassle it will be for you.

It is important for teens to realize that they don't have to look like everyone else in order to be cool. Also, you must understand that giving them the power to choose for themselves, with reason, shows them that you respect and value their opinions. Children need to be allowed to dress themselves because it teaches them independence, allows them to express their originality and helps them to make their own decisions.

Learn to listen attentively and with the intention to understand. It is better to work together with your child and become more aware their personal style preferences than to go against them and lose a chance to connect with them. By taking the time to do this, will allow you to establish who they are and what they are all about. This doesn't take away your power as their parent, it just gives a different and better approach to styling them.

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