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The Brassiere Experience: Bra Sizing & Finding The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit is more than just a band and cup size but, it has everything to do with your

body type. The size, shape, symmetry, position, firmness, spacing & amount of sagging of the bosom varies from woman to woman. These factors along with a woman’s age play a significant role in determining the proper fit & also which type of bra best suit her needs. Keep this in mind before you take your next bra shopping trip.

So recently, I went bra shopping & to get professionally fitted for my correct band & cup size. I knew that I wanted to take my time to try on different bras & learn more about them so, I went on a day that I was off from work. I also took along with me a strapless maxi dress so that I could find a bra that works best underneath it. The first, retail store that I visited was Lane Bryant. While there, I let a Sales Rep. know that I would like to be sized & wanted to try on different bras in order to find the perfect fit for me. She let me know that the service was free of charge & was happy to assist me.

Before being measured, I asked the Sales Rep.: “How will I know that I have the right

size?” She then took me to the fitting room area & guided me through the bra sizing steps. She explained that first, in order to determine your correct band size the measuring tape must go around your torso, which is directly underneath the bosom. It must begin in the front center, go around the torso & meet back at the center. Second, to get your correct bust size the measuring tape should begin at the front center, go around the bosom & meet back at the center. Finally, to get your cup size your band size must be subtracted from your bust size & that will give you your accurate cup size. After letting me know the proper bra sizing steps to take then, she read out my own measurements. My band size was a 32 & my cup size was a C. She went further to explain to me that sometimes the measuring tape can be off.

Now it’s time to shop for some bras! We did a walkthrough of the whole store where the Sales Rep. educated me on the different type of makes they sell, the specific body types & chest sizes they fit for. I learned that there are different breast types, sizes & shapes. These factors, along with others, & especially a woman’s age determines the correct fit, style & type of bra that will take care of her desired needs. Measurements are just the starting point to finding your perfect fit. So for example, if an older woman wants a lift for her breast, comfort & great support then a push-up or plunge bra would be good for her. Whereas a young adult, if she wants a lift for her breast then, she’s not really going to be too concerned with support but more so the style of her bra so the balconette bra would be a good choice for her. It offers great support while giving her an instant lift. After trying on multiple bras, there is one that I absolutely loved wearing called the Lace Lined Multi-Way Strapless Bra. Designed by Cacique Intimates, this bra has molded cups which offers great support without the extra padding & it can also be worn in multi-ways. It is also suitable for evening wear. My band size in this bra was a 32 & my cup size was a C. This is not the size that I normally wear but it fit me so right!

The next store I went to be measured was Soma Intimates. This is where I originally

scheduled an appointment for a bra fitting via phone. I decided to visit Lane Bryant first because it wasn’t too far from my home. At Soma, I met with another Sales Rep. who conducted my fitting quickly measured me at a 34 in band size & a B cup size. I told her that, “this is my correct size & what I had been wearing all along. She did a walkthrough with me to explain the different makes that they sell that fit different breast sizes & body types. I received a pamphlet on some post-surgical & nursing bras that they sell. The bra that I found for myself while there & that best fits me is the Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra for everyday wear. This awesome bra is designed by their own SomaiNoFit & it helps to smooth the back & sides. I have a little back fat so this bra is best for me because it will help to give me a smoother look underneath my clothes, it’s comfortable & offers me much support.

The final place that I looked for bras was at Victoria’s Secret. There I found the

wonderful Knockout Ultra Max Front-Close Sports Bra. Also designed by Victoria’s Secret this bra comfortably supports the bust while exercising. I found one in my correct size, 34B. This bra can also be found by visiting & searching the item’s style #11151822.

I had so much fun learning about the different makes, types of bras & also which bras fit me best. I also learned how to properly measure myself & also the key factors that will help me to determine the right fit for me. I am glad to share with you my awesome shopping experience! I hope that you find this guide easy to use & helpful so that you too will have a smooth & wonderful time on your next bra shopping trip. Happy Shopping Ladies!

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