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Quarantine: Clear Your Mind + Living Space

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

With all that has been happening recently with this pandemic, staying home has been the #1 effective solution to our health. How has all of this made you feel? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Mentally cluttered? Now is the perfect time to get more organized, clear your mind and clean your living space. What better way to accomplish this than to do a mini closet purge?!

Why do you need a closet purge? Revitalizing your closet is one of the absolute best things that you could do for yourself. Believe it or not, it's apart of self-care and the benefits are so amazing! I will list below the reasons why decluttering your closet space will be beneficial to you.


*You get overwhelmed when you look at your closet or even look for something to wear;

*A clean, clear space can stimulate your mind, help you to focus better and spark your creativity and inspire you to try something new;

*It takes the stress out of "having a closet full of clothes" with "nothing to wear;"

*You are holding on to stuff that you have accumulated over time and that you are not currently wearing; ( Ask yourself: Have I worn this in the last year or two?)

*Know what you own in your closet; your closet is cluttered and no longer manageable;

*You have outdated and overly worn pieces;

*Your bored with your current wardrobe and need to liven it up;

*You want to upgrade your public image and need a whole new wardrobe;

*You have experienced a BIG LIFE CHANGE>> newly married, divorced, pregnant, new mom who has already given birth, maybe you've re-located to a new city that has a drastic climate change, experienced a local time transition which causes the weather to change, you've received a promotion on your job or you've either shed some weight or gained a few pounds (more to love!)

*There is no room for something new;

*People think that you look older/younger than you really are;

*People think that you do not dress appropriately for your mature age; and


What are some reasons you think that you may need to purge your closet? What are your biggest challenges right now and how are you going to kick start your journey? Go for it you'll be more focused, relaxed and happy that you did!

Contact me via email: to see how we can help you!

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